Dalla rassegna internazionale e quotidiana delle ultime notizie dal mondo digitale, segnaliamo oggi…

Google to buy analytics software firm Looker for $2.6 billion
Alphabet Inc’s Google said on Thursday it would buy Looker, a privately held big-data analytics company, for $2.6 billion in cash, in the first major acquisition for new Google Cloud Chief Executive Thomas Kurian. Google’s cloud computing division is a distant third globally to Amazon.com Inc and Microsoft Corp in terms of revenue from renting infrastructure and other computing tools to businesses. (Fonte: Reuters)

Amazon, reeling from recent regulatory hurdles, pumps $404M into its India business
Amazon  has infused Rs 2,999 crores ($404 million) in its India business, according to a regulatory filing published this week. Amazon periodically deploys cash to its business in India, the most recent infusion being around $315 million from its international arm six months ago. The big spendings in India is the latest sign of how crucial the country has become for Amazon, where it entered exactly six years ago and has spent more than $5.5 billion. (Fonte: TechCrunch)

India orders Uber and rival Ola to electrify 40% of fleets by 2026
India is doubling down on its push to replace gasoline and diesel vehicles on its streets with environmentally friendly electric cars. The government plans to order ride-hailing firms such as Uber  and Ola, which operate hundreds of thousands of cars in the nation, to convert 40% of their fleets to electric by April 2026. As part of the push, Uber, Ola  and other companies would need to show signs of progress toward the goal by the end of next year, the report claimed. It stated that the ride-hailing giants must convert 2.5% of their fleet of cars by 2021, 5% by 2022 and 10% by 2023. (Fonte: TechCrunch)


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