Dalla rassegna internazionale e quotidiana delle ultime notizie dal mondo digital, segnaliamo oggi…

Waymo shows off what it’s like to ride in a truly driverless self-driving car
Just a few weeks back, Waymo  got the thumbs up to start testing its self-driving cars in Arizona without the need for a human “safety net” behind the wheel. (Fonte: TechCrunch)

Intel announces hardware fixes for Spectre and Meltdown on upcoming chips
When the Spectre  and Meltdown  bugs hit, it became clear that they wouldn’t be fixed with a few quick patches — the problem runs deeper than that. Fortunately, Intel  has had plenty of time to work on it, and new chips coming out later this year will include improvements at the hardware/architecture level that protect against the flaws. Well, two out of three, anyway. (Fonte: Il Sole 24 Ore)

È arrivato Surface Laptop. Microsoft va all’assalto di Apple e punta i creativi
Microsoft ci crede. Con Surface Laptop questa estate aveva stupito tutti uscendo sul mercato, in modo un po’ timido in Italia, con un computer portatile che nulla ha da invidiare a un MacBook Pro. Oggi sono arrivati i Surface Book 2 ed è l’assalto al cielo. (Fonte: Il Sole 24 Ore)