Dalla rassegna internazionale e quotidiana delle ultime notizie dal mondo digitale, segnaliamo oggi…

Uber unveils IPO terms that are well below expectations
Uber Technologies Inc, the world’s largest ride-hailing company, plans an initial public offering that values the company as much as one-third below what the startup’s insiders had hoped for, between $80.5 billion and $91.5 billion. The valuation, outlined in a regulatory filing on Friday, is less than the $120 billion that investment bankers told Uber last year it could fetch, and closer to the $76 billion valuation it attained in a private fundraising round in 2018. The lower valuation reflects the poor stock performance of smaller rival Lyft Inc following its IPO last month. Lyft shares ended trading on Friday down 20.5 percent from the IPO price, amid investor skepticism over the company’s path to profitability. (Fonte: Reuters)

Uber, PayPal entra con un investimento da 500 milioni $
Proprio nelle ore in cui la società di noleggio di auto con conducente annunciava la forchetta di prezzo per la quotazione a Wall Street, PayPal ha reso noto un investimento da mezzo milione di dollari a 47 dollari per azione. Nessuna delle due società ha fornito molti dettagli, limitandosi entrambe a segnalare che l’investimento permetterà di lavorare a «future collaborazioni nei pagamenti, compreso lo sviluppo del wallet digitale di Uber». Per la società di noleggio, che ha registrato una perdita di un miliardo di dollari solo nell’ultimo trimestre, si tratta di un supporto importante sulla strada che porta alla quotazione, tanto più rilevante in quanto fatto da uno dei partner nei pagamenti. (Fonte: Il Sole 24 Ore)

Jaguar Land Rover planning to allow helpful car drivers to earn cryptocurrency
Jaguar Land Rover, Britain’s largest auto manufacturer, said on Monday it is testing software that will allow drivers of its cars to earn the IOTA cryptocurrency as a reward for sharing data. The company is developing what it calls “smart wallet” technology to be installed in its automobiles.This would reward Jaguar car drivers with IOTA coins for actions such as enabling their vehicles to automatically report useful data, such as traffic congestion or potholes to navigation providers or local authorities. Drivers could also earn rewards if the car participates in a ride-sharing program, Jaguar said. The tokens earned could be used to pay for tolls, parking and charging for electric cars. The overall goal was to “achieve zero emissions, zero accidents, and zero congestion,” the company said. (Fonte: Reuters)