Dalla rassegna internazionale e quotidiana delle ultime notizie dal mondo digitale, segnaliamo oggi…

DNA Script picks up $38.5 million to make DNA production faster and simpler
DNA Script has raised $38.5 million in new financing to commercialize a process that it claims is the first big leap forward in manufacturing genetic material. The revolution in synthetic biology that’s reshaping industries from medicine to agriculture rests on three, equally important pillars. They include: analytics — the ability to map the genome and understand the function of different genes; synthesis — the ability to manufacture DNA to achieve certain functions; and gene editing — the CRISPR-based technologies that allow for the addition or subtraction of genetic code. (Fonte: TechCrunch)

Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist – source
Alphabet Inc’s Google has suspended business with Huawei that requires the transfer of hardware, software and technical services except those publicly available via open source licensing, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Sunday, in a blow to the Chinese technology company that the U.S. government has sought to blacklist around the world. Holders of current Huawei smartphones with Google apps, however, will continue to be able to use and download app updates provided by Google, a Google spokesperson said. (Fonte: Reuters)

Banks to invest around $50 million in digital cash settlement project – sources
Several of the world’s largest banks are in the process of investing around $50 million to create a digital cash system using blockchain technology to settle financial transactions, according to people familiar with the plans. Around a dozen banks are investing in a new entity called Fnality which would run the project, one of the people said. The deal has not been finalized so details may change. The new system could launch in 2020, the person said. (Fonte: Reuters)