Whitepaper: Turning Customer Insight into Action

Raccogliere, analizzare, utilizzare i dati è un lavoro sempre più richiesto dai manager per avere insight utili a trasformare il business dell’azienda. Importante è combinare gli strumenti di data analytic con quelli di business process automation, per trasformare la propria azienda in una data driven company

Turning Customer Insight into ActionThe way businesses collect, analyze, and use data is changing—from simply looking for and visualizing historical trends, to using advanced mathematical models to examine data in real time and predict what might happen next.

Beyond that, the more switched-on companies are also starting to use technology to influence those outcomes, by combining data analytics with business process automation to create what analyst firm Forrester has identified as the Enterprise system of insight, technology designed to enable companies to transform into truly data-driven businesses able to listen and react to what their customers tell them through day to day interactions.

Understandably, much of this development has been aimed at and led by data scientists, business analysts, and other specialists typically tasked with building data dashboards and applications for end users. However, with more data problems than specialists to solve them, vendors such as TIBCO now provide self-service data analytics and automation toolkits that anyone can use to bridge the gap.

These easy to use tools have been widely welcomed, however they are no substitute for specialist knowledge, and the issue remains of where, when, and how best to deploy them to create real business value.

Making the tools more accessible is only the first step, and the aim of this whitepaper is to examine how an enterprise system of insight can be put into practice. More specifically, it explores how data analytics and business process automation can be used to turn customer insight into action, using two common applications to illustrate the concepts and processes involved.

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